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By richard g

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  1. richard g
    Somers, NY

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    How many days for receiving clubs after ordering

  2. Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

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    Typically it's 10 - 14 business days depending on the shafts ordered. If the shafts are "exotic" or on back order it will take longer.
  3. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    Just to break out the 10-14 days a little more, when all the parts are in stock (the MCC 4+ grips have been spotty), Titleist takes about 5 business days from order to shipping. My orders to WI are generally 8-10 days total. Some large retailers also accumulate orders so Titleist may not get the order the day you place it at the retailer. My local pro shop orders same day.
  4. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Also depends on who you order them from. I had trade-in credits with 2nd Swing Golf so i ordered my custom 718 T-MB's though them after my Titleist Thursday fitting. It also saved me on local state tax. They were built less than 10 miles from my home and completed within a week. It took 2 weeks for them to be shipped to and from Minnesota. I wish i could have driven over to Carlsbad and picked them up. :) Well worth the wait. Love them.
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    I ordered my AP1's from FHGC pro after fitting 1/12/17 and am still waiting 11/1/18, could be another week or two.
    So not a happy golfer at the moment. regards Chris
  6. Rooster
    West Wareham, MA

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    My set of fitted AP3's took about 2 weeks.
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    Cannot wait to get my hands on mine - was hitting it 15 yards past my current set with improved grouping..cheers
  8. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    Standard is 10 working days west coast to east coast....... if everything is in stock.... you can always check with the pro or retail shop where you ordered you sticks and they can follow-up for you and get a tracking number......
  9. Rob V
    Indio, CA

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    I recently ordered a set of 718 AP2's. My order was for LH clubs, bent 1.5 degrees flat, with AMT Black shaft, regular flex with regular length an stock grips. I live in the Palm Springs, CA area. I received the irons three days after making the order.
  10. mj
    Coquitlam, BC

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    i think if you ordered before Xmas.....might take a bit longer.....just cause of the break for Xmas and New Year; add to the fact of when they received the order. the availability of stock (shafts + grips...etc) can cause possible delays....

    as much as i hate waiting (2 weeks +)...understand....glad not mid season....would definitely go NUTS....
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    Still waiting guys..but good news is they have been promised for this week..these nippon shafts seem to take a while in the UK..fingers crossed

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