718 AP3 Irons

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By Kenneth F

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    I am a 10 handicap. Are these irons recommended?

  2. Doug E
    Urbana, MD

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    Certainly, as everyone here will tell you, you need to get properly fit to find the ideal irons for your swing. However, in my opinion, generally speaking, you are well within the range---with a 10 index---to consider AP3s. I am a 7.5 index and comfortably play a mixed set of AP2 and AP3. The AP3 is quite forgiving, yet looks very similar to an AP2 at address. Works wonderfully for my eye. You won't be disappointed. Just be sure to get fit to maximize your results with them.
  3. Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

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    Best way to know if they are right for you is to get fit.

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    Kenneth, Titleist offers 6 different versions of irons, so my advice is to try them out and see what works the best for you. I'm a 9 handicap and I tried the new 718AP1, 718AP2, 718AP3, 718CB, and 718MB's and I found that the AP3's were the best for me.

  5. Rooster
    West Wareham, MA

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    I am a handicap 11.5. I went for a fitting at Manchester Lane. They stated my optimal set was AP1, but could play AP3 it just wouldn't be as forgiving for off center hits. I ordered the AP3's. I liked how they looked and feel. My old set, 714 AP1's have now become my winter set.
  6. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    How they appeal to your eye at address, how they feel on and off center strikes, and how well they flight the ball with the correct shaft are all important factors. How much you work the ball left/right also is a factor. So the best for you will, as said so often, is to work with a good fitter, preferably on ground conditions in your area for the results that suit you. The AP3s will work for a wide range of golfers.
  7. Greg D
    Oklahoma City, OK

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    Do it! Your only regret will be not getting them sooner.
  8. Ronald H
    Meridian Idaho

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    Get fitted. AP1 are long. I think the AP3 would work for ya.

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