AP3 shaft?

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By Michael P

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    Bought the AP3 irons in October with the stock AMT black S300. Switched from AP2 forged. The feel is a bit harsh and stiff feeling with this head/shaft combo. (I play a Prov 1x)

    Any suggestions for a slightly softer feeling shaft?

    KBS? Steelfiber?

  2. TitleistBaller
    Cleveland, OH

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    I find KBS and Nippon to generally "feel" soft to flex. I would recommend testing some out or getting fitted as a bad fit may feel better but produce poor results.
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    Try sencicore inserts. They kill that jolt at impact. Maybe a softer ball?
  4. Daniel M
    knoxville, TN

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    I went from X100's in miz MP59's to Nippon Pro Modus 120 stiff in AP3's and love them. In my mid 50's now and play to a 6.3 index. The strong lofts take some getting used to. Setting up your wedges is a consideration. I use Vokey 50, 54 bent to 55, 60, and occasionally a 64. My bounces are F, S M, and L. I also hit ProV1x. Hope this helps.

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