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    What shaft should I use with AP2

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    I use the KBS C-Taper and love them
  3. Michael E
    New York

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    Theres alot to choose from, Are we talking steel shafts? I would suggest getting fitted for shafts, weight plays a big part in that. I like a heavier shaft, it gives me the feeling i cant out swing it I play the DG S300AMT tours i love them. They start at about 132 grams and get lighter 9 grams per shaft for every club down. For something a lil lighter maybe look at kbs tours.
  4. Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

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    Good question...the best way to get the correct answer is to go through a fitting with a qualified Titleist fitter.
  5. Barry S
    Oakville, ON

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    Pretty much everyone on TT, will advise to go for a fitting at either a Titleist Thursday, or one of the Titleist fitting centers. You can try several different options and the fitter will give you his/her recommendations of which works best depending on your swing, trajectory, spin rate, etc..
    Personally I use the TT 90 on both AP2's and AP3's.
    Good luck
  6. chris b
    Leesburg, VA

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    It's always best to get fit at a Titleist Thursday. There are so many choices ... different feel, trajectory, flex, etc. You will see the numbers & they will help narrow down the choices based on those numbers and which one gives you the best performance.
  7. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    Whichever shaft you have been properly fitted for by a certified Titleist fitter. The numbers do not lie and it saves you money in the long run. Do the right thing, get fitted.
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    You will be surprised at how much difference a different shaft can make. I didn't think they made much difference but I was completely wrong. I went to a Titleist fitting centre to get my new clubs. Nippon 880's were the best for my and luckily they were one of the options for the C16's I liked. For AP2's you can have a wide variety of shaft options.
  9. Luke R
    Hamden, CT

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    Best to see a certified fitter. In my 718 AP2's I was fitted in the KBS Tour X-stiff shaft. It simple performed the best for me compared to the project X and DG tour issue X-100's.
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    I would not make a purchase until I was fitted by a certified Titleist fitter. Has made all the difference for me personally.
  11. Jay

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    I'm going to play devil's advocate to help you out with some solid information in regards to making an educated decision on which shaft you "could" order with your AP2 irons.

    For starters, Titleist fitters, or fitters in general, are hit or miss. There are good ones, and there are bad ones. One will tell you this, and one will tell you that. Sure, I'd agree that a fitter is a great place to start, but I would only use them as a resource, not a say all be all.

    Going off of the very limited information you've provided, there really isn't much anyone can tell you in relation to shaft options. Without knowing your swing speed, average hitting distance, current shafts, common misses, etc. nobody can provide suggestions; maybe provide this info. if you want more than just "see a fitter". That being said, I would recommend that you swing a miz shaft optimizer to get a good starting point on possible shaft options. Then through trial and error you will figure out what shafts work for you, and the ones that don't; be sure to adhere the criteria you're looking for in a shaft. From there, you will be able to answer your own question on which shaft you should get.

    Side note: I was fit from multiple Titleist fitters and experienced worse results than my current setup. So I took a week of trying out shafts myself to dial in my options before placing my order on the new clubs - purchased AP2s as well. After I received my clubs, I played the best round of my life before the season ended. Point being, nobody will ever take more time or consideration on your shaft decisions than yourself, so keep that in mind when, or if, you decide to visit a fitter.

    Best of luck!

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