AP2/AP3 Combo Set?

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  1. DC

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    Anyone have this setup? Thinking 4-6 AP3 and 7-P AP2 and just strengthen the lofts on the AP2’s. Thinking about pairing with the AMT black, AMT white, PX LZ’s?

    Anyone have any experience or opinions ? I have hit all of them and been fitted, just cannot make an overall decision before ordering.

  2. Barry S
    Oakville, ON

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    I have the setup you are considering but with XP90 shafts. The 7-P were strengthened 2 deg, while the 4-6 were weakened 1 deg. This was on the suggestion of the Titleist fitter, to close up the gaps, because, as you well know, the AP3's are about a full club stronger. The current set up works very well for me. Had 716CB's that I purchased last March. Used them for the season, but am much happier with the combo set that I bought in October. Funny part is, the shaft is the same for both sets of clubs.
  3. DC

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    I appreciate the reply Barry, interesting that they recommend weakening the AP3 by one degree, figured the AP2 being strengthened two degrees would fill the necessary gaps?

    I have the xp90 in my 716 ap1 which I bought off the rack, after a fitting I was suggested a heavier shaft to keep from ballooning shots, tighten dispersion and to get my shaft feel as I felt like I was losing it in the swing.

    I am curious anyone’s experience with the other shafts and if the AP3/AP2 combo set has worked well for you?

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