718 Ap2 vs. Ap3 vs. TMB 3 iron

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By Drew D

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    So I went and got fitted for some 718 Ap2’s today as I am transitioning away from blades. Unfortunately at the fitting I didn’t have a chance to hit the 3 iron. I was wondering if there are any players out there that recommend the Ap3 or TMB over the Ap2 (3 iron)? I already have a 19* hybrid so I’m also wondering if it’s even worth it to replace the Ap2 3 iron with the other two?

  2. Robert H
    Seattle, WA

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    I have the 716 AP2's that I bought in May of last year. I too, have a 19* Hybird. My AP2's are PW-4 iron. The gap between my Hybird and 4 was too much, so what I did was, ordered a TMB 5 and 4 iron and took the 4 to the range where a buddy has a bending machine, We bent the 4 a degree strong and I added a Graphite Design Tour AD 7Xi 92gm shaft to it and BOOM! That was the ticket! It fills that 2110'ish to 225'ish gap rather them laying off on the hybird. Something to check into?
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    Hey thanks for the feedback Robert, as I was unsure if it was possible to bend utilities. Do you know if you can bend old Titleist hybrids? I love the feel and look of my Titleist 585h which is why I was so drawn to the new TMB’s. Also, do your TMB’s consistently outperform your longer irons? I am going tomorrow to hit the TMB 3, and if I like it I would like to bend my 19* to a 17*.
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    Hey thanks for the feedback Robert. I was wondering if you have hit the AP2 3 iron, and if so, do you think the TMB would consistently have a higher ball flight? Also wondering if you can bend an old 19* 585h to a 17*?
  5. Robert H
    Seattle, WA

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    Drew, yeah I have. The TMB 4 iron is a way better choice than carrying an extra long Iron. BTW.... I don't think you can bend Hybrids. Mine is set at 17*. I was old school. I played 1, 2 & 3 irons until a few years ago. Sheez, about the smartest thing I did was ditch those. I have a older 910H hybrid that I just love. The new TMB 4 2* strong is more like a weak 3 and the 5 1* strong is more like a weak 4 strong 5. Ditching the other clubs allowed me to add another scoring club.

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