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By Brodie H

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    I have a 712 CB/MB combo set (3-5 CB, 6-P MB). They are +1/2in in length and standard lies with TT DG x100 shafts with New Decade MC grips with one wrap of tape that I ordered from titleist in 2012. I am curious what swing weight they are, and I don't have a SW scale?

    The reason I am wondering is that I am going to order a new combo set of the same makeup, but this time I am going to get KBS C-taper S+ shafts +1/2in. What would the swing weight be of the new proposed set? Just curious how different (if at all) the two swingweights will be on the two sets.


  2. Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

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    The KBS C-Taper will reduce swing weight by perhaps 1/2 point- every 9 gram difference in shaft weight equals one swing weight point. The DG X100 is 130 grams and the C-Taper is 125 grams. The actual swing weight difference can vary dependent upon the weight distribution of the individual shafts- there is a good chance you won't feel a difference.
  3. Chris92009
    Cincinnati, Ohio

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    Remember, this is just a ball park figure for normal most case.

    Some shaft have tip or butt weight balance point that cannot be applied on this rules.

    1/2" longer or shorter= 3 swing weight points

    2 gram club head weight change= 1 swing weight point

    5 gram grip change = 1 swing weight point

    9 gram shaft weight differences = 1 swing weight point

    4 degree flatter lie or more up right lie = increase or decrease 1 swing weight point

    Assume you start with a D2 swingweight and make adjustments as described above. Hope this helps...

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