AP3 irons did not disappoint

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By CTgary

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    My set of AP3 irons with the Nippon 880 Ascending Mass shafts with the gray and clear finish arrived this week. They look amazing. The results I got with them were even better than I imagined.

    Here in Connecticut I have been hitting balls a couple times a week at a GOLFTEC, and my ball speed with my old six iron was averaging around 98, with my best swings hitting 104 to 105 mph ball speed a few times a session. Today was my first time hitting my AP3, and I had several swings producing ball speed of 108 and higher, with my best shot hitting 110.8. These are not averages, but I hit a lot of shots better than my previous best ball speeds over the winter at GOLFTEC. I also hit these much higher than my old irons. It was nice to actually have a few months of data to compare these to, because I don’t think I would have really believed this much improvement was possible with an equipment change.

    Titleist has made an amazing set of irons with the AP3. Between the great instruction I am getting at GOLFTEC and the new clubs in the bag I can’t wait to get the golf season underway.

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  2. Speedy
    Newmarket, NH

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    nice!!! hit'em well
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    Glad to hear this about the AP3's. What clubs were you hitting before? I'm on the fence, I'm currently playing 712 AP2's and I do like them, but I think I could use a little help. The lifelong quest for better scores!!
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    I played old TM RAC LT irons over the past few years. However, the comparison at GOLFTEC over the winter is as with png G400 with aerotech steelfiber 80g shafts and miz MP-15 with DG lite. I also hit all the new irons with different shaft combinations at GOLFTEC, and after hitting the AP3 irons with Nippon shafts it was not a difficult decision at all. :)
  5. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    The AP3 is amazing. For me it performed better on ball speed, launch, and carry over my former 716 AP 1 and the 718 AP1. I originally only got 7-P since I was inconsistent with my previous 6 iron. They have performed so well, i’m considering getting 6 and W
  6. Luke R
    Hamden, CT

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    Nice set of clubs CTgary! Hit'em and play well this year!
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    About to order my set from my pro this week. Looking forward to the same results.

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