AP3 set to AP2 Lofts

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By Rob R

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  1. Rob R
    Des Moines, IA

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    I'm looking for more forgiveness, but not necessarily distance. The AP2 suits my eye, I currently play 714s, but i could use a little help. I believe you can lower the lofts 2 degrees on the AP3s.

    I was thinking of keeping my t-mb 4 iron, set to 24 degrees and go 5-PW AP3 weakened 2 setting the pw to 45 degrees to keep with my 50/54/58 SM6 set I just bought last season.

    is this a crazy idea? Does anyone know what happens to the bounce, if anything?

    thanks for you help.

  2. Bill V
    Colorado Springs, CO

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    Well, if you weaken the lofts 2 degrees you'll add 2 degrees of bounce to eat club. If you play in softer conditions, you should be fine. If you play on fast and firm conditions, your performance most certainly will suffer.

    I'm not sure if the lofts can be bent that much. It's a cast head. If I was going to have anyone do the work, I would send them back to the factory. sounds like you'd order them-the website should indicate the tolerance for bending
  3. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    Increasing loft will also increase the bounce by the same amount. Work with a fitter on your actual distance gaps after they come in. The AP3 at the same loft won’t be the same distance as your AP2s. You might need the W instead of your 50, or P to 44 and the 50 to 49 degrees. Anything else is just conjecture.

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