718 AP3's-mixed sets no longer necessary?

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By Bill V

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  1. Bill V
    Colorado Springs, CO

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    Since they arrived in early November, I have been gushing about the AP3s to anyone that will listen. I have had AP2s or AP1s (or some combo set) in my bag since probably 2009. I love the looks of the AP2s but preferred the max forgiveness of the AP1s regardless of things like feel and sound. The last few years my regular set was 7-PW in the AP2 and 5-6 in the AP1.

    Now the AP3 eliminates the need for a mixed set, in my mind. I can't believe how far, high and straight I am hitting the ball. I am in my mid-50's and for a variety of reasons, I have lost a full club with the irons in the last 5-7 years. With the AP3s I KNOW I have picked up that full club. The new AMT shafts have the 5-7 launching high, yet I can knock down the shorter irons if need be.

    No more combo sets for me. So far, gaps between my 818 H1 24 and my AP3 5 iron and then my AP3 PW and my Vokey 50F seem to be manageable. While the AP3's don't sound as good as the AP2s, they sound and feel incredible compared to the AP1. And they have the look of a forged club-look more like the AP2 or a more forgiving version of the AP2.

    Anyone else have the same experience? I have to know-is anyone playing the 4 iron from the AP3 set, and especially want to know if this is the first 4 'iron' you've played in a while. I am curious and may want to try it since I tend to play a lot of my rounds in windy conditions-might flight the ball lower than the 4 hybrid and be almost as forgiving.

  2. Doug E
    Urbana, MD

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    I play a combo set of AP2 and AP3. I have found gapping difficult between the AP2 8i and AP3 7i. Not to be too redundant, but as I have stated elsewhere on this site, I have chosen to play an extra 7i rather than bend the AP3 7i weak and the AP2 8i strong. (That does affect the bounce). The AP2 stock 7i is 34*, while the AP3 7i is 31*. It actually works out well.

    In order to play both 7 irons, I had to get rid of a club. So, since my AP3 5i and my 816 21* were close in distance, I decided to get rid of my 915F 5W and my 21* hybrid and replace them both with a 19* 818H. Though the gap between 5i and hybrid is now bigger, I really don't think it will hurt me much. I hit my 5 iron 170-175ish and my 19* hybrid 190-200ish. If I need 183, I'll choke down a little. Having the right gap between my mid irons is much more important. And, by using AP2s in my shorter irons, there is no gap where it really counts. I go from 46* PW to 50.08*, 54.10* and 58.12 Vokeys.

    As an aside, but to your question about 4 irons, I was considering bending my AP3 7 iron and AP2 8i so I only had to play one 7 iron, giving me the space in the bag to play a 4 iron. If I get to that point, I am considering an AP1-718 with graphite shaft, as a sort of more-forgiving hybrid iron. But I will have to play with that idea more at a Titleist Thursdays this spring. For now, my bag is solid and set, at least for a few months.
  3. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    I have the same setup (R300). Coming from AP1, I was leery of using a 6I, so I put in a hybrid. The 7-P have been such a joy for accuracy and control, I’m rethinking that choice.
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    I actually combo'd ap3 set with T-MB. Ap3 5-pw (1 degree weak) and T-MB 3,4 irons. With AP3 I degree weak the lofts are in line.

    I did not like the look of the ap3 3,4 iron when looking down at the club. I really liked the T-MB long irons when I was fitted.

    Came from a full set of 710 AP2.

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