816 Hybrids

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By Edward K

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  1. Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

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    Is it ME, or are the 816's just HOT? I swing pretty hard for a 52 year old guy (115 SS), but I've hit many shots with the 816 that just exploded off the club head. Replaced my 3-iron (MB) with a hybrid, loft within a degree, not even close. 3-iron is back in the bag, 816 hybrid in the bag, I'm a happy camper.

  2. Tim Tiger
    Bixby, OK

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    That is a pretty impressive SS. Maybe you could get a fitting done to fix the yardage gapping issue.

  3. Speedy
    Newmarket, NH

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    115 SS?!?! At 52?!?! What's the secrect? And yeah I agree, the 816 hybrid is awesome... I have a few and love it.. They'll be in my bag for a while...
  4. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    The 816h1s are awesome hybrids. Have two in my bag, 17* AND 20*. 115 SS, you must be in great shape. Had mine checked and verified by our Titleist Product Specialist/Fitter at my most recent fitting and it was 93. At 71 years of age am happy and just cannot hit those long irons any longer. Pleasantly shocked both of us. Still hitting stiff shafts.
  5. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    I've been impressed with the 915/816/818 hybrids. The 818 does have a dampening filler in the speed slot, so it is easier to maintain. If I wasn't changing shafts and lofts, I'd be excited to still have the 915. All have been easy to hit and great replacements for irons for me.

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