Comparing 716 and 718 AP1 irons

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By Len D

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  1. Len D

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    I was just wondering If anyone has compared 716 AP1 irons to the 718 AP1 irons. Has anyone upgraded yet?

  2. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    There was a "Titleist Thursday" in my town on a Saturday, and there was a slot available. Out of curiosity, I went. I wasn't going to replace my 716s for a couple of yards, it had to be better than that. I had the KK 65 A-flex graphite. After multiple trials starting with mine and going to the 718 AP1 and then the AP3, the AP3 with the AMT-Red R300 was clearly superior for me for launch angle and distance. The AP1 gained about 5 yards, but the AP3 was 10-12 and just felt better through the swing. Having the heavier shaft is probably key as well for controlling tempo. I've improved ball striking as well. I have been taking dead aim with the AP3, knowing the dispersion will be tight.
    The AP1 is greatly improved in appearance. With the AMT shaft for me, it was also better controlled than the 716. With the new shaft options, if you can find a Titleist Thursday or a demo day where you can get 15-30 minutes, you can decide if a change will benefit you enough.
  3. Speedy
    Newmarket, NH

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    Hey Len,

    I had the 716 AP1 and upgraded to the 718 AP3s. I gained about 4-5 yards, not a lot BUT the biggest difference was the look, feel and consistency so that's why I upgraded. I'm not a long hitter to begin with so getting extra yardage wasn't a big deal to me. While I was getting fitted we compared my current setup 716 AP1 to the 718 AP1 and AP3. The AP3 was a better fit overall for me so I upgraded and have ZERO regrets...

    I would HIGHLY recommend seeing a Titleist fitter and do a comparison between your current club and what you're interested in.. I will say the look on the 718 AP1 is solid, a MUCH bigger improvement over the 716 AP1 IMO..

    Best of luck!
  4. Kathy J
    Portland, OR

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    Good information if I upgrade my irons this year! Got to hit Titleist Thursday @ Langdon Farms!
  5. Keith M
    Acworth, GA

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    Like the others, the 718s are great looking. I have the 712s and gained 20 yards. Can’t wait for them to come in.
  6. Len D

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    Thanks! That's a great suggestion - I will look for a Titleist Thursday - as soon as all this snow melts. ;-)
  7. Paul C
    Beech Mountain, NC

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    I played the 716 AP1 and now have a set of the 718. The 718 is easier to launch and they are straight. The look of the newer model is more pleasing to me and the overall performance is improved. Better turf interaction and more forgiving. If you try them you won't be disappointed.
  8. michael b
    penn valley, CA

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    I'm also considering an upgrade and this is great information
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    Hey everyone - I currently don't have a set of AP1s and demoed both the 716 and 718 AP1s.

    The 716s went further, but the 718s felt, sounded, and looked much better.

    In your opinion, is that worth the extra $$$ associated with the new ones?

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