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By Steven P

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  1. Steven P

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    I mixed my irons with 4/5 AP3 and 6-P AP2. Only issue I am seeing is AP3 flies so much further than the AP2. I now have quite a gap between my 5 and 6 iron. Plus side is the 4 iron in the AP3 is so much longer I was able to remove a hybrid and add another wedge.

    Does anyone else see the dramatic distance change (8-10) yards between AP2-AP3?

  2. Bill V
    Colorado Springs, CO

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    Certainly if I compare the 718 AP3s to my old 716 AP2s, I am a full club longer. I went with 5-PW in the AP3s because I felt they were good enough to play for the entire set without trying to mix them. I can see how you'd have some real issues in trying to blend these sets. I last had a mixed set in the 714s, 5-6 in the AP1s and 7-PW in the AP2s and the gaps were manageable.
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    When mashing sets you can always find this problem. I would suggest making sure the two sets are similar in as many ways as you can control. If you still see the gap I would suggest going to one full set. The last thing you want to be worrying about over the ball is your club. Btw there's about 100 other posts about the AP3 vs AP2 suggest you check them out there very interesting.
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    I have done the same thing 4 and 5 in ap3 6 to p in ap2 I had the loft on the 5 iron weakened by 1 degree to keep 4 degree loft change all the way through the set
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    I have just ordered the AP3 4-GW after a fantastic custom fitting. My AP1 716 have got me from 13.7 to 7.5 so I’m looking forward to seeing where my journey goes with the new sticks. Team Titleist
  6. DC

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    Agreed, there are many other pages on this subject. With the weaker lofts of the AP2 you will most likely have this gap, unless you weaken the AP3 or strengthen the AP2, this is unless you get an AP3 6 iron to go with you AP2 6 iron.
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    Could you just get the lofts bent to suit?

    I thought this was done when fitted anyway.
  8. Doug B
    Johnston, IA

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    I just ordered the 4-P AP3 with the AMT Red shaft. I am really excited to play these. I had a fitting and I was leaning towards AP2 7-P and AP3 4-6 but the pro suggested to not because of the gaps in lofts between the sets. He thought I would need to bend the 7-P for consistency so I decided against that.
  9. Barry S
    Oakville, ON

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    I have the AP2 ( 7-W) and the AP3's ( 4-6). Per my Titleist fitter, he recommended that the AP2's were bent 2 deg strong, and the AP3's 1 degree weak. Ordered them based on his recomendation ,and love the set up.

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