AP2 and AP1 mixed bag

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By Philip G

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  1. Philip G

    Philip G
    Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

    I love my AP2's and have been playing them for about 5 years but I just need a bit of help in the longer clubs. I've added 5,6,7 iron in AP1's but because of the lofts I now have two 7 irons to make sure the gapping is ok. But hey, what's in a number

  2. Chris92009

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    I play the new AP2's (718; 5-PW) and AP1's (4 iron 718 and 3 iron 716). Great setup for me and the new AP1's look great. I had them bend the lofts of the 3 and 4 iron to more closely ressemble my AP2's.

  3. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    I play two 7 irons too. An AP2 & AP3. One is 34*, the other 31*. As long as you have the room in your bag, why not? No bending required. I took a 21* 816 and a 915F 5W out of the bag and replaced them both with a 19* 818H in order to make room for the extra 7i. I sometimes have to choke down a little if I need a tad less from the 19*H when necessary. No big deal.

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