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By David R

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    I received my custom AP2 irons today and I'm really excited. But I have a question. I was at my local shop when a Titleist demo rep was there and my spin was a little high. We tried different shafts and we finally decided on changing the loft to 2 degrees strong. I bought the gap wedge. The gap wedge says 50 degrees on the bottom, but that is this the standard gap wedge loft. If I ordered my irons 2 degrees strong, is it really 48 degrees despite what it says?

  2. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    They don't change the stock loft on the stamping. If your spec is 48 degrees, then the stock 50 was bent to 48. Same with stock Vokey wedges ordered through Titleist. My 58 is labeled 56.

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