By Eric P

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  1. Does any one where to get Titleist logo grips? I've seen them before as stock options on older clubs, but haven't been able to find them after market. Specifically tour velvet cords.

  2. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Typed in "Titleist tour velvet cord grips" in Google and BudgetGolf has them for $11.97 each. Says they will ship tomorrow.
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  3. As always, Chuck to the rescue with answers. Great TT member.
  4. Man I'd love to find the current black/white golf pride tour velvets. Wish GP would just offer them at normal retail.

    I love cord grips but the older they are slippery they are. Only problem with cord grips (that have been sitting out in natural environment for 3 years or so).
  5. Hi Ryan, We have been talking with Golf Pride about offering the Black and White Tour Velvet grips. Golf Pride will begin offering the 60R and the midsize in early April and are adding the model to their product family.

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