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By Matthew F

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    I recently broke the hosel screw while adjusting my Titleist 915 driver. The screw actually broke off and had to be drilled out of the shaft adapter. Now I have a shaft with no adapter/hosel connected to it, and a driver head with no screw. Is it possible to order the "hosel adapter" and an extra sure-fit screw? If possible, would this be something that needs to be shipped back to install or can it be done at a local golf shop. I'm assuming the new adapter would just be epoxied to the shaft?

    Thanks for the help,

    Matthew Frazier

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  2. Joshua B

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    I did something similar to my driver, only bent the screw. Went to a competent golf shop and had it fixed in 2 days. They had to order another hostel adapter and screw. Cost around $20.
  3. 19hole
    Woburn, MA

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    The only adapters that you will find will not be original Titleist adapters. Titleist does not offer them for sale. In order to get the best possible repair, get your local Titleist dealer to setup the repair at the factory for you.

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