Club Choice Dilemma

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By Keith M

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  1. Keith M

    Keith M
    Acworth, GA

    Got the call yesterday from the club that my 718 AP1s just arrived (shafts were on backorder.) Unfortunately, I can blow off work and go play 18, so I can't pick them up until Saturday.

    Also on Saturday, my son and I are playing in a parent/junior event. Do I keep my 712s in the bag since I know the yardages, or put the new 718s in the bag having never hit them outside of my fitting?

    I'm leaning toward keeping the 712s in the bag for one more go. What are your thoughts TT?

  2. Barry S

    Barry S
    Oakville, ON

    I would keep the 712’s for the event
    Good luck to both of you!
  3. Luke R

    Luke R
    Hamden, CT

    Keep the 712's in the bag for one more go!
  4. Keith M

    Keith M
    Acworth, GA

    Turns out I was able to move some meetings around and sneak up to the club for a heavy duty range session. Love the new clubs!

    718 AP1, Project X Rifle 6.5 shafts, 1 inch long, 1 deg upright. When you get it right, they fly for days.
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  5. Joseph M

    Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

    Simply, I would hold off in putting the new clubs in play.
  6. Well....if it were me....I'd show 1.5-2 hours early and put a good range session in (leaving 45-60 minutes for putting and short game, checking in, getting my cart etc.) and then decide on the range if to put them in play or not.

    Also if I was playing with my kid (if I had one that is), winning wouldn't be the first thing on my mind, I'd worry about having a great time with him/her (especially if they are quite young and just getting into it). I suppose this is something really only you can answer. If you guys feel you have great chance to win that's one thing, maybe playing new sticks isn't the best idea, but if it's just suppose to be a fun time you and him/her with no expectations but having fun play the new clubs. I think regardless you'll you 2 will have fun.

    Regardless post back here and let us know after you do get some playing time with them.
  7. Jerry M

    Jerry M
    Dallas, TX

    Keep the 712's in the bag for one more go. You'll be more confident. Good luck and have fun!!
  8. Paul C

    Paul C
    Beech Mountain, NC

    Kudos if you have the will power to leave them at home. I certainly couldn't. There is likely a small difference in yardages with the new model. If it were me I'd go early, take both sets, hit the range and see the difference. My guess is the 718 are going to be much more forgiving and slightly longer. I don't think it will take many balls on the range to determine the distance change and that they go straight. What ever you decide, enjoy them they are really good.
  9. pauldrue

    Nashua, NH

    Hope you changed after the event, and that you and your son enjoyed the round.


  10. Richard H

    Richard H
    Joplin, MO

    If you're playing an event where score matters and you aren't suffering from any specific maladies with the 712s I'd play them. Better to use the tools you are familiar with than sacrifice strokes trying to get acquainted with new ones.
  11. I would leave the 712's in for one more trip around.
  12. i hope you put the new clubs in play. range time isn't the same as playing "under the gun." ;-) go big or go home!

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