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By Ian J

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  1. Ian J
    St. Andrews, 0

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    Hi, my swing speed is aprx 98 mph and is smooth. My dispersion is good and my ball flight med/high. Can u recommend possible shaft options


  2. aaron c
    oceanside, CA

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    I average about the same speed, my focus is tempo. Nice and smoothe is always best. I ended up recently testing and getting an “Oban kyoshi white 04 flex (which is their stiff) it’s noticeably stiffer than most but feels great. Best shaft I’ve had in a while.

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    Ian, we all can guess, but your best bet is to get professionally fit for a new shaft. Go to one of the Titleist fitting days or a club champion or something of that order.

  4. Tate B
    Carthage, TX

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    Go get a shaft fitting at Golftec
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    Despite the good advice to check with a club fitter, I will suggest three shafts based on my same swing speed and ball flight as yours. The first one is a factory standard for the 910 driver and the two others I selected on my own.

    Aldila VS Proto
    Fujikura Motore Speeder
    Graphite Design Quattrotech

    Despite all three being stiff flex, of the three, the Speeder feels "softer" at impact and the Quattrotech feels "harder" at impact. leaving the Proto between those two senses.

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