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By ken h

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  1. ken h
    Savannah, GA

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    I got a set of 718 AP1s and really like them. The gap wedge has become my go-to club for chipping. I have a gap in distances between my Gap wedge (48 degree) and my sand wedge. I'm debating on whether to buy a Vokey 52 or order the 53 with the same shaft as my set. Has anyone hot both of them? Differences?

  2. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    What will be your use case? Full strokes or most likely controlled shots around a green? With the AP1s, I preferred a 48 GW. The AP3 has me thinking about the W but not enough to be serious to replace the GW at this time. May rethink that when the groves are worn enough on the 48.
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    It all depends on you and what you feel more comfortable with at address. I prefer the look of a true wedge with that thin blade look however others may be more comfortable with a larger wedge look.
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    Sorry if this is going to be a bit long winded. I play the 716 AP1s but the lofts are about the same as your 718s. I went from the 7 iron down to the first gap wedge (47*) after that I have/had a Vokey SM5 52*-12 that I turned down to a 51*. My sand wedge is a Vokey SM6 56*-10. These are enough for my game. I'm almost 70 yrs old so my game is not overly fine tuned that I can feel the difference between shaft weights for shortish shots. Unfortunately i broke the shaft of the 47* set wedge so I replaced it with a Vokey SM6 46*-8 that I had turned up to 47* to keep the loft spread the same. I guess all of this leads me to say that either one would be a good choice. If your game is fine tuned and you can feel the difference between the two shafts, then go with the set wedge to keep consistent. Otherwise I would go with the Vokey. I recently bought a SM7 52*-12 that I turned down to a 51* to keep the lofts at the same spread. I chip with all of my Vokeys depending on my distance from the cup, and all three have great feel and good results. As I said before, either one is a good choice and it all depends on how much feel your game has. Fairways and greens.

    Mark F
  5. ken h
    Savannah, GA

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    It should say the Vokey 52 or the AP1 53 degree wedge with the same shaft as the set.
  6. BH
    Lehigh Valley

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    I’ve got them both. I Carry the Vokey 52. I also use the Vokey 48 over the AP1. I just like the look better. I “feel” like the cavity back gets caught up in the turf on some lies. I chip almost exclusively with the 52.
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    Ken, I have AP1 716s. I went with Vokeys, 48-54-58. Works for me. I feel these are my scoring clubs so I chose the Vokeys. I have the BV wedge flex shafts in them.

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