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By Christopher P

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  1. Christopher P
    Boston, MA

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    Good morning...I love Titleist clubs, but I'm finding with the current lie angles, even with the max of 2* flat that Titleist will offer, are still too upright for me. If I were to have them bent 3* flat, would that compromise the club and cause it to be damaged?

  2. Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

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    That would be a question for a proficient Titleist fitter, or Titleist itself. I know generally bending 1 degree won't have any typical affect, but if it exceeds the Titleist maximum lie angle there must be a reason or recommendation.....
  3. Tom P
    Stanley, NC

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    No, it would not. As long as they are forged, not cast. Just be sure you get a reputable club repair shop to do the work. Modern irons, on average, have standard lie angles 1 - 2 degrees more upright than irons built 15 years ago. That is because most golfers tend to slice or fade and being more upright can tend to help that. Good luck and have fun.
  4. B.A.
    Los Gatos, CA

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    You should just go with shorter length clubs. I'm about average height at 5'8" and have always played at 2 degrees flat. My Titleist fitter had been recommending I try shorter clubs and I protested for a year or two, but finally gave in. I'm now playing 1/2" short and standard lie. My misses are SOOOO much better.
  5. Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

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    I'm confident a qualified club maker/custom shop could bend then an additional 1 - 2 degrees, but, if they were to break any Titleist warranty would be void- 1/2 shorter will achieve one degree flatter but keep in mind the swing weight will be 3 points lighter +/1 point depending upon the weight distribution of the shaft.
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    I have the exact opposite reaction to lie. Standard lie angle of 917 3 wood is too flat at 56.50 degrees. If you would check other products, you would find standard lie at 58- 59 degrees. The flatter the lie the more the swingweight goes up. This club feels too toe heavy at .75 up. I had to go to 1.50 max. and increase loft in order to feel correct. Up right lies & shorter shafts are correct because of shaft bow down on downswing.
  7. JAM

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    I play MB's 2 degrees flat and 1/2" short. I'm 5'5".

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