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By Thomas L

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    This maybe a dum question. Do you really need to use the weights that are provided. If you don't use them what can I expect to happen. draw, hook, fade etc???????.

  2. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    Besides being non-conforming for USGA events, the swing weight will be off. The weight choice is to tweak the club face direction at impact for your swing. So there is no one answer for what you should expect.
  3. Rob_Roth1
    San Diego, CA

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    Why would you want to do that?
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    Hey - not a silly question at all - if fact quite a debatable one.
    I use the 917 D2 Driver and the 917 3wood - which are great.
    The key is to get a shaft that suits - To achieve this it is wise to go to a Titleist fitter - they will sort it within a few swings.
    The weighting system is a further tool to adjust your club further.

    I play off 6 and with my woods i want consistency - tight grouping. And personally the fade / draw bias weights did not suit - so went to a standard lighter weight - big improvement. Went further and took out the weights and found it even better - so that is how they are set up now. The only difference i found was the acoustic sound of the Driver when striking the ball.
    For me that slight decrease in weight improved swing speed and path of impact.

    Is it non conforming as Don O suggested - unsure. But some players add lead tape to clubs - is that non conforming!!
    Crazy game ha ha
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    Without the weights in, I hit a small draw about 15 yards to pretty straight flight. If I put the draw weights in I hit it straight or fade. I hit the ball far for my age "70" about 270. When I play with men my own age I am 50 or more yards a head. I thank you all for your response. So my last question is, has anyone notice a lost in distance without using the weights provided?

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