Rough ETA for irons ?

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  1. Roy McAVOY
    Oswego, NY

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    Did a iron fitting on Saturday, ordered a set of ap1 irons (6-gw), ended up being standard all around. I was told 2-3 weeks for them to come in, what is everyone actually seeing for them coming in ?? Really looking forward to getting them.

  2. Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

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    Your time span starts when your order gets to Titleist. With a standard set I would guess two weeks at the most. Wherever you ordered through should be able to provide you with a tracking number, so check with them later this week and see if the number is available.
  3. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    If you're on the left coast of the US, under 2 weeks, if in the NE around Boston, 3 weeks is close. It takes about 5 business to build when all the parts are in stock and are then ground shipped from Carlsbad, CA.
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    If all is stock, under two weeks seems to be standard. I ordered different grips which were out of stock so two weeks became one month. Worth the wait, though.
  5. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Hope you get them soon. Funny story on mine. i live 15 miles from the Carlsbad location where they are assembled. I had a bunch of store credit from a shop in Minnesota so i ordered them through that shop. one week to assemble and three weeks shipping back and forth. i could have driven over and picked them up in 15 minutes. No worries, have them now and well worth the wait.
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    Last season mine arrived to the east coast inside of 2 weeks and that was with shafts deemed "exotic" on their menu. From my own experience and what I've gleaned from others they meet or exceed the stated turnaround time. It is hard to stay patient with the anticipation. Good luck!
  7. Don T
    Lafayette, CO

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    I was fitted for my 718s on March 3rd. I had them in my hot little hands on March 15th. Like you a pretty stock setup. Assuming that Titleist didn't really get the order until the 5th (Monday) 10 days. I live in Denver. You will not be disappointed!
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  8. Roy McAVOY
    Oswego, NY

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    Picked them up today, took about 2 weeks. Now just need the weather to cooperate & warm up.

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