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By charles c

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  1. charles c
    irvine, CA

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    Hello- I purchased AP2s with Modus 130 and MCC4+ grips and asked for D4 swing weight. I checked on three scales and they are D0 so I had the shop I ordered from order a new set. While the new set came in the exact same after informing Titleist why we were asking for a new set and they even expedited the order. Does Titleist not SW irons anymore? I asked for D3 4-7 and D48-PW.

    Thank you

  2. 19hole
    Woburn, MA

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    Titleist does do custom swingweight and they do check them when they are made. I'm not sure what has happened to your's, but I have been playing my irons at D4 for many years/sets and every one arrives exactly as expected.

    Given the weight of both the shafts and grips you are using it may not have been possible to get all the way to D4, but I would think that they would be higher than D0 as the standard is D2.
  3. Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

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    When ordering if swing weight is specified it is my understanding Titleist advise if they can't meet the requested swing weight so I would suspect your experience isn't the norm for Titleist. My 718 AP1 order with the same grip as yours and a 95 gram shaft came in at D0 versus the standard D1 for this model- I didn't specify a swing weight so most likely D0 was within their spec tolerance. With the heavier weight Modus 3 shaft and their target D2 swing weight, D3 (if not D4) should be well within Titleist's reach.

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