Has anyone migrated from a 4-wedge system to a 3-wedge system?

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By Len D

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  1. Len D

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm thinking of trying to simplify club selection - and make my Sunday carry bag lighter - by going from a 4-wedge system to a 3-wedge system.

    I'm currently carrying a 43 degree 716 AP1 PW, 48 gap, 54 SW, and 60 LW (all Vokey). Can anyone suggest a sane way to collapse this to 3 wedges?

    And yes, I'm willing to be talked out of this plan by dropping a long iron or hybrid instead. ;-)

    Many thanks!


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    Len, couple questions.

    1) what type of course do you play? How often are you hitting your wedges compared to your long irons / hybrids? What is the highest degree wedge you want to hit.

    I might suggest using a 50 degree and 58 degree wedges, kinda depends if the gapping will work for you.

    Drop a long iron / hybrid that you don't hit as often.

    * Or, get a pull cart / cart bag and don't worry about how heavy your bag is. :)

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    I too have AP1 716 and use PW, WW, WW1, and a 56 Vovky SM6. Works for me, good luck.
  4. Phil G
    Orlando, FL

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    I agree with Josh. I sort of went through this issue when I received my AP3s. PW is 43* (I thought it was still a 48*) then I have a 52* gap, 56* sand and 60* lob. When I hit my PW I was always long and gap I was too short. Did some research and found out PW was 43* (duh) and had a huge gap in between PW and gap. Dropped 21* hybrid and added a 48* (bent to 47*).and bingo had that 135 yd club. Check your wedge degree gaps and yardage gaps to ensure no more than a 5* difference. Hope this helps!

    Play well
  5. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    I play 716AP1 W (44), PW (48), W52 (52), SM6 56.10 (or the SM6 56.14 depending on the course conditions).
  6. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    Chuck Z said:

    I play 716AP1 W (44), PW (48), W52 (52), SM6 56.10 (or the SM6 56.14 depending on the course conditions).

    Sorry guys, senior moment. PW (44) W (48)......
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    I play AP1 716's as well. AP1 PW, W, SM6 52, and a new SM7 56. Use to play 60 but very rarely hit it so not worth carrying it.
  8. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    You can try to drop your gap wedge down to the 50 degree and use the 56 degree or 58 degree sand. Those become pretty large gaps but if you are a feel player who can pull off half-swings and open or close the face this might work for you. I couldn't do it. I went 50, 55, 60 and just dropped the long iron.
  9. Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

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    I play AP1 716's 5I-43W,47W,52W & a SM6 56.08 S Grind. I love the full shot capability the 4 wedge setup does for me. I play courses around 6300yds-6900yds most of the time so it help eliminate any voids from 120 and in. I have 2 816H1, 1 - 915F & 1-915D2 driver.
  10. CrazyGolfNut
    omaha, NE

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    I play 718 AP1's PW & W along with Vokey wedges.

    Current setup is 43-48-54-60 which is a 5-6-6 degree gap

    Looking at going with 43-48-52-56 which would be a 5-4-4 degree gap. That would mean a tighter (less) yardage between them on a full swing.
  11. Gary D
    Cranston, RI

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    Rather than concentrating on degree of loft, think in terms of shots you need to have. You need a club you can hit off thin lies and a club for heavy rough and a club for hard sand and a club for soft sand. I work on a 100 yard and a 50 yard shot and then I can add or subtract distance by increasing the length of swing or choking down on club. PW, GW and SW handles just about everything. Occasionally a LW but I have a love/hate relationship with that club.
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    Honestly, choosing AP1 with PW at 43deg, you really need 4 wedges. Effectively, it is like playing AP2 with PW at 46deg and 3 wedges in total. Thats just names of clubs. With AP1, I can more imagine playing with 5 wedges in total - for long hitters who prefer many options on short side - than having just 2 wedges above 43 degree. No way and I do not recommend going to 3 wedges with AP1. And this is from a guy who went from 50-54-58 to 52-58 system last year, but still having two clubs in 40s degrees, whatever you call them. :-)

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