AP1 718 swing speed for 4 iron

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By Peter M

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    TT, anyone knows or has experience what 7 iron swing speed I need to have (or driver SS) in order to use AP1 718 4 iron effectively? Say with standard AMT Red shaft.

    I mean, that with 65mph SS of 7i, I am sure that AP1 4iron you are not able to hit much further than 5 iron (maybe even 6 iron). On the other hand, having 7i swing speed of 90mph, I am sure one can hit 4i with a nice gap further than 5i. So, any idea where in between 65 and 90 7i swing speed the AP1 4i gets sensibly playable? Thanks....

  2. Trevor D
    Bragg Creek,

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    Do you already play a set of AP1's? The 4 iron is as easy to hit as a 7 iron in the CB. The AP1's fly high and are incredibly forgiving. I can't imagine you'd have gapping problems up to the 4-iron, even with slower swing speeds.

    Hybrids were the thing for a while - easier to hit and maintained the gaps you're talking about. Lately, manufactures have just made long irons so easy to hit (AP1, T-MB) that a lot of these concerns go away.
  3. 19hole
    Woburn, MA

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    It really isn't about absolute swing speed. A 4 iron can be effective for many players with various club head speeds. It depends on the shaft that is used and what the individual player expects from the club. There are not many players with a 7 iron club head speed of 90 MPH, the average driver club head speed is not much higher than that!

    You should forget about club head speed and trying to calculate what the club mix in your bag will be. Instead, spend some time with a fitter or go to a Titleist Thursday. Try some 4 irons and some lofted hybrids. It will be immediately obvious what club is best suited to your swing.
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    Thanks for advice! I bought 5-W set of AP1 very recently and heading to post-purchase testing-fitting on Trackman and fitting hybrids. I am a lefty thus no chance they have 4 iron for me to test... So, based on my 5 iron results, and hybrid results, I need to guess if I should buy a 4 iron or a hybrid...
    But I still dare to say, despite what 19Hole writes, certain swing speeds are not suited for 4i, even AP1, even with high trajectory shaft.

    But I take it that if I swing driver 95 and 7i around 80, I should have enough speed for a 4 iron with AMT Red or Black shaft to be 12-15y longer than 5i... or someone thinks that not? ... lets see...

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