AP3 only or stick with AP3/AP2 Combo Set

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By JWilson

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    Hi fellow TT devotees,

    I recently took part in a Titleist Thursday event at Gleneagles. I am going to buy new irons. I am a 49 year old, 11 handicap male.

    I advised the fitter my preferred set make up would be an AP3/AP2 combo set. After spending 45 minutes with Alistair we came up with the following:

    718 AP3 (4 - 7) Loft: 1 degree Weak Lie Angle: Standard Lie Length: -0.5" Shaft (Flex): Project X (5.5)

    718 AP2 (8 - 9) Loft: 1 degree Strong Lie Angle: Standard Lie Length: -0.5" Shaft (Flex): Project X (5.5)

    The adjustments to the lofts are to allow the combo set lofts to ‘blend in’ with each other, with a view to having wedges at 46, 52, 56 and 60 degrees. That is a total of 10 clubs.

    I am in no way doubting the fitters skills and helpfulness, but part of me wonders if there would be any real benefit to having only 2 AP2 irons in this combo set, or whether I should accept age is catching up with me and simply get a full set of AP3’s. I would be happy to do that.

    Also, if I do go down the full AP3 route, including the AP3 PW @ 43 degrees, what suggestions would you have for my other wedges; based on leaving grinds and bounce unchanged from fitters recommendations. I am not sure I need a 60 degree wedge, based on the amount of times I currently use the one I have now.

    Any advice or opinion would be most gratefully received, so thank you in advance.

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    I have a mixed set (AP3 3,4 iron, AP2 5-PW) and I would say there are 2 factors to consider. 1) Feel. I tended to like the feel from the AP2 better than the AP3 on the shorter irons. You may find the opposite. 2) Distance and ease of hitting. The AP3 is a stronger loft through the set to help with distances and the extra weighting on the perimeter is supposed to be more forgiving. If those 2 items are a benefit to you, then a full AP3 set may be best.

    For me, I was sold on AP2 for the feel and that I didn't feel i needed extra distance from the shorter irons. However, the 3 and 4 iron are so EASY to hit long and straight, I probably would have been happy with a full AP3 set.
  3. Lloyd D

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    Hi Adam I’ve tested the new ap1 & ap3 irons I didn’t go for the ap2 to test I liked them but not a good enough ball striker so I opted for a full set off ap3 which really is the best of both sets and they feel really good very happy with them.
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    J - I'm a 42 year old 12 handicapper.
    After a fitting session as St Ives I have gone down the full AP3 route.
    My old set of Hogan Irons had PW(47°), then Cleveland 52°, 56°, 60° wedges.
    The entire AP3 (3-P) set has worked out to be exactly a club stronger than my old set of irons.
    At the same time I was also fitted with SM6's 48° bent to 49° with a 54° and 58°. The gapping was perfect as the SM6's produced more distance than my old wedges. They are easier to manipulate so haven't missed the 60° at all.
    I wasn't looking for any additional distance but the forgiveness even in the 8, 9 and P does make a difference.
    I 'lost' one wedge through the fitting process, this allowed me another club at the other end of the bag. I was able to gain a 3Wood, traditionally I had only carried Driver and 2Iron (the AP3 3Iron is an exact swap for my old 2Iron)
    I'm happy with the decision to go with a full set of AP3s and haven't found that the flight or spin has suffered with the scoring clubs. I've also found that having one less wedge in the bag make club selection around the greens a more straight forward process.
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    I myself have the 5-PW 718AP2 set and if I were to add more AP3 or TM-B would be my addition. The one thing I noticed in your comment was an AP3 PW of 43*, from there you would need 3-4 SM7 wedges to make up all your gaps. With the 8-9 in the AP2 you can easily gap the distances with 3 wedges and the gaps will be tighter, unlike the AP3 starting at 43*. But this is a game of feel and touch, and the Titleist fitters really do know their clubs and game. Ultimately it comes down to what makes you feel most comfortable and confident.
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    Thanks folks for all the replies, it has given me lots of useful info and plenty to think about...

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