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By ADeLucia

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  1. ADeLucia

    Raleigh NC

    Did anyone else see Jimmy Walker hitting a new Titleist prototype driver recently? Can’t wait to see what Titleist has in the works!

  2. Speedy

    Newmarket, NH

    I did see that. The picture was a little blurry.. I believe it's usually announced or shown more at the National, end of June I believe...
  3. David ARK

    David ARK
    Sayville, NY

    Yes! I saw that grainy pic also. I cant wait either! Really hope this new one will help bring my spin rate down a bit.
  4. Dino J

    Dino J
    Burnaby, BC

    I saw the story on the prototype club too. It would fit quite well with the "traditional" product release schedule that Titleist seems to have regarding the introduction of their new clubs.

    I play with the 915D2 driver and I really like it. I tried a fitting for the 917D2, but it just could not achieve the same results as my 915 model so I opted to keep the 915D in the bag and wait until the 919D comes out.

    So, needles to say, I am starting to get a bit anxious waiting for the new release! :-)
  5. JAM


    Dino J - I agree with your second paragraph. Titleist has it's work cut out for them based on the strong competition currently in place. The 919 D2/D3 should debut next month and I have no doubt it will be a winner.
  6. No'l

    Palmdale, CA

    No, I have not seen it, but this is news!

    Anyway, I seem to remember vaguely that the numbered, 9*** series will no longer be. Instead, it will have more of a descriptive name like the competitors... not a hundred percent sure.
  7. ADeLucia

    Raleigh NC

    I've heard that this one will not be called the 919 but something different instead
  8. Mike C

    Mike C
    Dallas, TX

    Always exciting to see the tour seeding of the new clubs. I am happy with my 917D3 and look forward to putting the 919 in the bag once they are available. Will be interesting to see what changes they have in store for us with this release,
  9. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Do not think you will be disappointed....919 a whole new concept.....
  10. Zangetsu


    Can’t wait myself to see and test the new driver have one spot to replace this year and it is the driver. Saw some posts mentioning low spin, can’t wait!
  11. Please Titleist with a new driver have a stock shaft or slight upgrade like png Tour shaft that has great performance. The internet is full of shafts pulled from clubs that are not the same as O.E.M. Specs.
  12. Bill P

    Bill P
    USA, Eastern Europe, China...

    The new drivers are rumored to debut at the US Open, and be called TS2 and TS3.
  13. Joe A

    Joe A
    Rancho Murieta

    Im interested to see the difference between the TS2 & TS3. I like my 917D3 and it looks line the TS3 has a weight adjust option as well.
  14. I asked in American golf Edinburgh earlier today about the new TS2 and 3 drivers. They have no news on spec however they do display a sheet looking for names for future fittings . It can't be far away . Looking forward to trying them out .
  15. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    If Kevin NA can crank a 356 yard at the Greenbrier with his new driver I guess a TS, I want to learn more.
  16. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Don O said:

    If Kevin NA can crank a 356 yard at the Greenbrier with his new driver I guess a TS, I want to learn more.

    Bad news Don. Kevin had someone else's driver in the bag. He is off the Titleist club contract but still on contract for the ball and Footjoy.

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