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By Mike C

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  1. Anyone have any insight on the T-MB 2 iron?Planning on placing the AmT white (x) that is in my 718 AP2s.

    50/50 opinion at my local shop are proponents of putting a graphite shaft in versus keeping the shaft consistent with my irons.

  2. I just ordered one and I ended up matching the shaft for consistency to my AP2 3 Iron. My goal is to replicate the 3 iron but with a bit more distance, I don't want it to feel like a whole different club! I'll report back on how it goes!
  3. I have a 716 T-MB 3 iron in the Dynamic Gold S300 shaft and decided to get a T-MB 2 iron to replace my hybrid/3 wood. I purchased a the T-MB 2 iron with a Kuro-Kage 85g graphite shaft and do not like the results when compared to my 3 iron. I am in the process of replacing the shaft to a Project X PXi shaft that will be weighted more similarly to my 3 iron. Hopefully it works out for the better. Keep you posted.
  4. Mark A

    Mark A
    Bayswater, VIC

    Hi Dustin,
    I would be very interested in hearing what you didn't like about the performance of your T-MB 2 iron with the Kuro Kage shaft. I'm considering swapping out my hybrid and fitting graphite to either my 712U #2 or 716 T-MB #3.
    Did you test other graphites before the Kuro Kage. I currently have Fujikura shafts in my 917 driver, fairway and 816 hybrid and was thinking of going the same in a driving iron.
    Wishing you luck with the Project X PXi shaft!
  5. Zangetsu


    I personally found better results with stiffer steel shafts. Had a lighter xp95 in 718cb 2 iron and a kuro kage graphite. However noticing s300/ 6.0 LZ being a better fit when striking a 2 iron.

    Might be personal. So i’d say go test it out at a fitter!

    Good luck!

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