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By Josh B

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    Out with the old and in with the new! After many years and countless rounds I'm retiring the Titleist 735CM's and replacing them with the AP3's. It's truly sad because I genuinely love my 735's which in my opinion are a very underrated set of irons. Excuse my terrible pictures but I just wanted to share. If anyone is still playing 735's or AP3's feel free share your experiences.

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    Congrats! I just bought a set of AP3's myself.
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    Like you I have the 735CMs - and I'm currently looking at AP3s. What has your experience been so far? Distance, forgiveness, trajectory?
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  5. Rick B
    Longwood, FL

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    I made the move from 716 AP2s to 718 AP3s with the KBS Tour V shaft. Simply awesome. Gained 5-7 yards per club. Loved the AP2s as well but I found the shots were more consistent with the AP3s and the ability to work the ball is not lost at all.
  6. Rooster
    West Wareham, MA

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    I played DCI's for years. Then the 714 AP1's. This past fall was fitted and switched to AP3's. I love them. You will too, great irons.
  7. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    Thanks for the feedback. I am currently playing the 716 AP1s and tested the 718 AP3s at the TT Invitational at the TPC Sawgrass at Ponte Verde, FL in the fall of 2017. They did an outstanding job of presenting the new equipment when we were there. I liked the feel of the 718s but I am hitting my current set nicely and probably will wait for the 720s to come out before making my next change, and it most like will be AP3s. I normally go ever other season with my irons. Driver's differ if I can pick up at least ten yards with the new models. I played the DCIs, the original AP2 Silverbacks and also the 714 AP2s. Titleist just keeps improving on their already great clubs. I have a great Titleist fitter that ensures I get the right combination. That is the key and a little hard work.
  8. Paul S
    Fayetteville, AR

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    Is it true back in 2017 when the AP3s were first being released, that there were 5 different head designs with very slight differences and that some of the first AP3s might actually be slightly different than what is currently mass produced and sold?

    Just curious. I overheard a conversation where someone said some of the original AP3s reps had out had slightly different heads.

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    I've had my 718 AP3's now for about 2 months and love them. It has been a huge change from the old DCI 762's I had played for the last 13 years. I could never find anything i hit as well as those irons until these came out and I was able to demo a set for a week.
  10. MG_TX
    Katy, TX

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    I've the AP3's in the bag since later October of last year. Just installed new shafts and they feel great. I'm about a club longer than my previous set, but the forgiveness and ball speed retention on mishits is what has these firmly set in the bag.
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  11. mic o
    Florida, USA

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    Echo,Echo...Out with the old and in with the new. Just made the switch from my 712 AP2 to 718 AP3 and couldn't be happier so far!!!! Was fitted with Project X 6.0 versus the old DG S300. Lighter shaft weight, increased clubhead speed, touch lower ball flight. Extremely forgiving on mishits. Big thanks to Cathy at Team Titleist for helping me sort out the issues with swing weight in relation to different grip sizes and their weight.
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    Josh... I can't believe that there is another me out there. I keep saying this is my last round with my 735's every time I

    go play, then I come home, clean them, and put them right back in the bag! I even put a lighter shaft in them a few

    years back to test out the move from steel to graphite. My move to the AP's is closer than ever!
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    Three months ago I was fitted for the Titleist AP3s with KBS Tour V shafts to replace my TM PSIs. Since making the change my handicap has dropped from a 9.8 to 8.0. I’m playing the best golf of my life with more rounds in the 70s in the last three months than all of last year. My distance is much more predictable and my side to side dispersion is much better as well. Combined with my new Vokey SM7 wedges to replace the TM wedges and I couldn’t be happier. Besides the performance the clubs just look and feel great too.
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    Can anyone speak to the spin rate on the AP3s?

    I've had the 710 AP2s in my bag for a few years now and decided to make a change even though I hit them well. I recently went to Golf Galaxy for a fitting calling out the stipulation that I am loyal to the Titleist brand.

    I actually went in thinking I would just upgrade to the 718 AP2s but the rep/fitter put the AP3 in my hand and claimed the resulted data was better with the AP3. I also told him at the beginning of the session I was not looking for distance but more accuracy/spin if I could gain it. To be honest, I did not have a lot of knowledge about the AP3s before going in for the fitting, I had only done homework on the new AP2s.

    So I now have a set of AP3s currently being built at Titleist measured to my specifications. However, in the meantime I've been researching/analyzing these AP3s down to every feature. I keep stumbling on the fact that it is a "players distance" iron with lower launch due to loft and coincidentally can result in additional run out on the greens. Which concerns me a little.

    The fitter was sort of short and brief (I get it) and I actually called back after the fact to see if he could send me the data so I could analyze the comparison of AP2/AP3 but apparently their system is not setup to send out data. It can only be captured by taking a picture with your phone -_- (gives me a feeling to seek a different fitting facility next time...)

    Anyways, I'm sure the AP3s would work great but just having self conflict if the AP2s would be better suited. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

    [currently sitting at a 3.8 index]

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