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By Andy

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  1. I currently have 712 AP2 playing to a seven handicap, and will try 718 AP2 in a few days. I am also considering 716 CB.

    I have a set of 712 MB that I can play well, but they cost me two to three strokes per round because if I mis-hit them, they are a half-club short to the green.

    Assuming the feel (big if) is similar between the 712 AP2, the 718 AP2, the 716 CB (all cavity back forged), which is a game improver for me? I think the answer is at my level the AP2 is the better selection over the CB, but has Titleist infused any profound improvements into the 718 AP2 which is now seven years newer than my 712 AP2?

    When you read the verbiage on Titleist’s website from year-to-year on a description for a particular club, it is the same theme of tungsten this, CG that, this trajectory, that feel, etc.

    Any feedback from fellow TT’ers on 718 AP2 or 716 CB, as upgraded from 712 AP2?

  2. Andy,

    According to Ralph Maltby’s calculations the AP2 has a higher MOI, which in theory should improve the off center distance. Is this noticeable to you on course, I don’t know. If the AP2 and CB are exactly equal in all other aspects, I’d go AP2. If looks/feel are priority, then CB all the way in my 2cents.

    I came from 2008 AP2s to 716 MBs simply on looks and pleasure. If feel was the priority then 716 CB would have been my choice. ;)

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