915 Fairway vs. hybrid

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By Goldpanner

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  1. Goldpanner

    Trail, BC

    I am trying to decide if it is worthwhile to drop my 915 18 degree fairway and go with a 17 or 19 degree hybrid. My golf bag also includes 915 D3 9.5, 816 H1-21 degree, 816 H1- 23 degree, 5-9 714 AP2 irons, Vokey SM7 46, 50, 54, 58 and a Scotty Cameron GoLo 3 putter.

    I have trouble hitting the 5 wood consistently and am thinking that going with another hybrid may be better for course management. My home course tees that I play at are 6240 yards (PAR 72) and my handicap ranges from 13 to 16 currently.

    Any thoughts on this?

  2. Nick D

    Nick D
    Long Beach

    If you are not hitting the 5w well, then why not give it a shot. The 5w will be, should be, better for hitting it high into greens and getting it to stop.. higher lofted hybrids will be tougher to stop but may be easier for you to hit consistently. I tried replacing my 3w a while back with a 2h and while it was okay, I just couldn't hit it as high or as long.... if you were hitting the 5w good then I would say don't mess with it but a 18-19* hybrid might be worth a shot, it just may not be as long.
  3. Goldpanner

    Trail, BC

    Thanks for the advice. My game might improve as well if I change from the AP2's to maybe AP3 or AP1 which supposed to be more forgiving.
  4. Steve M

    Steve M
    Hatboro, PA

    don't rule out the Titleist 7 wood. when i did a fitting a few years back, we opted to insert the 7 wood in place of the 5 wood. I hit it much more consistent and much higher.

    Probably going to be upgrading my woods this season and will be looking for the current version of that club!


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