Slight Gap in SureFit Hosel

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By H.C.

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  1. H.C.
    Hong Kong,

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    My new Titleist 917 D2 driver has a small gap between ferrule and the Surefit hosel (see picture) but the ferrule is not loose at all and is tightly attached to the shaft (does not spin or turn). Does this mean there is a problem with the SureFit hosel or it's broken?

    Reason I am asking is my new 917 D2 driver started giving me crazy backspin numbers (10k) on my launch monitor. But when I went back to my old 915 D2 driver, the backspin numbers came back to normal (2k). The 917 D2 seems to swing ok so I made a closer inspection of the club head and shaft thus coming across this gap that was not there when I bought the club. So am wondering does this mean my hosel or shaft might be broken and/or needs repair or replacement. Thanks.

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  2. H.C.
    Hong Kong,

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    This gap between the ferrule and the SureFit hosel has widened even more and I can even see some white glue material now. FYI my Titleist 917 D2 shaft was cut down by 1/2" to 44 1/2".

    So to TT Club Concierge or other members of Team Titleist, is this a sign that maybe the SureFit hosel was not refitted onto the cut shaft properly and hence it's coming off the shaft? Thanks and best regards.
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  3. Nick D
    Long Beach

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    Thats just the ferrule coming loose. Take a lighter and put a little heat on it, you should be able to push it back down. It may pop out again, it's nothing serious to worry about.

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