AP1 vs hybrid distance gapping

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By Goldpanner

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  1. Goldpanner

    Trail, BC

    Just ordered AP1 5-9 irons and the 5 iron has a loft of 24 degrees and my two hybrids (816 H1)currently that replaced my 3 and 4 iron have lofts of 21 & 23 degree respectively. My questions are: should I be replacing my 23 degree with a 19 and dropping loft to 18? What would be the difference in distance for the same loft of iron and hybrid? I am confused with all the information on the web. I currently carry a 5 wood that is set to 17 degrees if that helps.

  2. abedwards1978


    i would go 18(3 hybrid) 21(4 hybrid) 5 iron 24
  3. Zangetsu


    I’d advice to get a gap test at a fitter. This will highlight any overlapping clubs or gaps in distance with your current set up.

    Better to go out and test than be going out on speculation
  4. Rob E

    Rob E
    San Jose, CA

    I have AP3’s and got fitted. Got 4-GW and 21 degree 818h1. I found that I didn’t hit my 4 iron much and the hybrid was more versatile in replacing the 4 distance and allowing for other shots. I re-did my wedge gapping and now I feel very comfortable. I might go back to the original line up down the road but for me it works now.
  5. I play AP1 4i-W. I must say that my 4i AP1 is nearly as long as my 5 wood (set to 18deg and shaft shortened by an inch). Based on my experience, I do not think that you can squeeze more than one club between 5w and AP1 5i (a 21 deg hybrid, I would guess). The 5i is really a hot club producing long distance. But everyone is different...
    Certainly do not buy 19deg hybrid before trying your own hybrids. By the way, 19deg hybrid is a pretty tough club to hit and requires a serious swing speed....
    And I seriously recommend to try the 4i. It is surprisingly easy to hit. The hollow head, springy face and low center of gravity makes it very easy to hit. I guarantee you that if you can hit a 5i (quite) well, you will be happy with a 4i too...
  6. Goldpanner

    Trail, BC

    I definitely appreciate the suggestions.

    I bought a 917 D2 9.5 degree as well as the irons. I have already noticed that I am gaining 10 yards on each iron, which makes sense if you compare lofts between AP2 and AP1. I added a wrinkle to my set now with an 8 degree difference between the 9 iron and my first wedge which is a 46 degree followed by 50, 54 & 58; all SM7.

    By going with a 4 iron, would it not be more like hitting the AP2 3 iron? This would cause the removal of one hybrid (23) and keeping the 21 hybrid which has dialed to a 20 which is still easy to hit out of the rough and off the fairway.

    I also put my 3 wood in my bag and removed my 5 wood which adds to the confusion. My biggest thing now is figuring out course management with the irons. The joys of golf...it is a fun challenge setting up my bag all over again.
  7. Jim D

    Jim D
    Toronto, ON

    I play 4 - P, GW in the 718 AP1's. I would agree with Peter M - try the 4 iron. I find it very forgiving & easy to hit, it launches high and provides good distance. Misses are also less punishing than misses with hybrids. I still carry a 3 hybrid at 21 degrees, but honestly it doesn't get nearly as much play anymore as the long irons in the 718 AP1's are so good. I removed my 4 hybrid as a result, and don't miss it at all.....

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