Swapping out AP2 PW for a Vokey

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By Hotsauce

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  1. Hotsauce
    Georgetown MA

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    Hey TT, I've got some pro shop credit to burn and want to swap out my AP2 PW for a Vokey 46* or 48*. I don't dislike the P wedge, but feel a vokey is more versatile and will inspire confidence since I love hitting wedges. Has anyone on here made the switch?

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    I've switched from the 718 AP2 PW to the Vokey SM7 46-10 F. I was happy with the decision as I'm able to alter the trajectory better with the Vokey vs the AP2 PW. The SM7 does lose a bit more distance on mishits, but nothing that puts you in a bad spot.
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    A lot of golfers do this seems like it's mostly the better players who want a more consistent shot.

    I do agree it's definitely more versatile compared to the stock pitching wedges.

    Love a vokey! went back to my sm4 & 5 after using engage wedges for a long while I can't believe the difference they make.

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