Nearly cheated on titleist with a rogue....

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  1. So i got fitted for a cally rogue subzero chasing those few extra yards. Broke down and bought one on Friday. Played on Friday and Saturday and pitted it against my 910D2. Hit some real bombs with it but overall the D2 was maybe 5 yards shorter BUT alot more accurate. That 45.5" shaft was difficult to control. The sound was off too....kind of like my sons little league bat. After 2 rounds and some range work, the Rogue is on its way back to and the 910 reclaimed its rightful spot in the bag. Lessons learned: 1. Dont solely chase distance, accuracy is just as important. 2. Trackman is great, but playing a club on the course is better. 3. You cant beat Titleist for TOTAL performance. Keeping an eye out for those TS3 fittings...

  2. Jerry M

    Jerry M
    Dallas, TX

    Good move on your part. Having spent the better part of my life on the right side of the fairway I am a big proponent of accuracy. I don't have the strength to get the ball out of bermuda rough when it sinks to the bottom. 5 yards is not that much. If it were 10-15 yards that might be a different story. Enjoy your D2. As Nick Faldo said when he was winning the British Open at Muirfield...... "Fairways and greens".
  3. During a recent driver fitting, it came down to the 917 D2 and the Rogue. The ball jumped off the face of the Rogue, even on toe hits. My miss is what I will describe as an "exaggerated fade" which the Rogue made a little worse so I made the same decision and sacrificed a little distance for tighter dispersion and have not regretted it.
  4. I did the same thing, had the Epic and Rogue SZ, thinking I was missing something. Went back to my 917D3 and my driving dramatically improved. The SZ maybe a little longer, but the 917D3 is long enough and way more consistent.

    The confidence I get from the 917D3 allows me to swing freely knowing I will be be in good shape for my second shot.
  5. PFiaccone

    Granby CT

    I did the same thing but ended up with a miz GT. Felt so good inside and the numbers were great. Played 2 weeks with it and I had to sell it. Waste of money on my part and should of been smarter. The look, feel, sound, and performance did not meet my needs.
  6. Had the rouge it sucked the epic is best calls driver to date that being said I got the TM M4. Hate TM but M4 is the longest most ball speed driver I ever hit. I owned 910 913 915 917 nice feel but not close distance wise
  7. Don F

    Don F
    Longview, TX

    I to purchased a Calaway and now am waiting on the TS3 so I can get back where I belong.

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