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By Don K

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  1. Don K

    Don K
    Louisville, KY

    I have a 905R with a ProForce V2 76 grams and 2.2 torque. I love it and hit it great. I am 65 years old. If I switched to a 917D2 with a Mitsubishi Diamana Blue 60gram shaft, stiff, as mine is and 9.5 loft, would I expect to see any distance gains? I hit it between 260 and 290 off the tee. This club is great and the shot dispersion with this shaft is very tight.

    Would love to see what you can tell me. More distance wont hurt as I get older. If not this shaft please recommend one. I really like the 917 driver. Thanks. Don

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Anything we tell you would be a guess. You really need TrackMan technology to compare and don't just stop at the one shaft. Have them fit you in multiple shafts and lofts to get your ideal results. Try to catch a free Titleist Thursday fitting in your area. BTW, they will be fitting for TS2/3 soon so hurry if you want to get 917 data.
  3. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    If you are hitting your current driver great, why would you change? The 3 toughest clubs to get right is the driver, wedge and putter and I change the wedge only from wear. BTW 290 yds. is 2 shots for me, also age 65, so congrats.
  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    The USGA Cor value hasn’t changed since the 905. What has changed is an improved/enlarged sweet spot and the ability to fine tune the weight distribution. Shaft technology has greatly improved and Titleist offers options for any golfer. The best value for the investment is to find a fitting location with Titleist trained fitters to get the optimal performance. Besides the “stock” shafts, there many no upcharge options to find the right one.
  5. Jerry M

    Jerry M
    Dallas, TX

    I agree with Frank, if you're hitting it 290 I would hesitate to change unless you're having some kind of accuracy issue. If you're trying to go lower with your score, I would focus on the scoring game. Just my opinion.
    Good luck what ever path you choose
  6. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    At 65 you hit your driver 260-290, pretty darn good. Better than most golfers half you age. Per Dale, go to a Titleist fitting for the new TS2/3s and if you can pick up 10 yards then buy a new one. Trackman does not lie.
  7. Todd S

    Todd S
    Beavercreek, OH

    If you get fit for the right shaft. I know you will gain not only yardage but your miss will be better also.
    But you have to get fit.

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