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  1. Ready to upgrade my bag to AP3 irons. Love the look and feel. Interested to know if anyone is playing them with a graphite shaft that they really like. I am looking for a bit less weight vs. steel but do not want to loose the feel of the head. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. The heavier weighted KuroKage graphite - 85 and 105 are low balanced and will swingweight heavier than a Tensei Pro Red or Recoil 65. But depending on the swingweight you want, we may be able to build the Tensei or Recoil at D2-D3 as well.
  3. Cathi, thank you so much for the info. I will try to get to my fitter to swing both. I would also like to ask your thoughts

    on the KuroKage AMC shaft as well. Is that another viable option?

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