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By RWidjaja

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  1. What is standard length means to Titleist when ordering?

    I would like to order club with standard length (to the shaft), standard Swing Weight and with MCC+4 grip. As you may know, this MCC+4 grips is a touch longer on the butt than Tour Velvet. This also will result slightly heavier swing weight than standard.

    How should I properly order a club with standard length, std. swing weight (when measured using Tour Velvet) but put a MCC+4 grip instead?

    Thank you.

  2. Joseph M

    Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

    According to Golf Pride (confirmed by e-mail) the butt cap of the MCC+4 is very close to 1/4 " making the finished length of Titleist standard length clubs approximately 1/8" longer than the Tour Velvet- a .75 point increase in swing weight and a 1/4 degree upright in effective/playing lie. As Titleist do not know if their customer has taken these factors into account Titleist will not make any adjustments to compensate, thus, it is up to you to specify the swing weight and lie you want. Thus. if you want to get back to full stand standard you would request the standard swing weight for the club you are ordering and that the lie angle be 1/4 degree flat- the swing weight change due to the additional club length is much more critical than the lie change- if the swing weight requested cannot be met Titleist advise so you can decide whether to proceed.. As an alternative you could request a shorter shaft length.

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