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    Summerville, SC

    Hi TT family, I am wondering if anyone else is having a hard time with controlling their distances with the AP3 irons? They are amazing irons, but I am really struggling controlling my approach shots. Prior to upgrading I played the 716 AP2 irons.

  2. I have had just the opposite experience. I had the more than occasional " hot shot" with my old irons. My AP3's are very consistent. Mis hits do occur but that is my doing more than the performance of the club. It did take me some time to get accustomed to them, but very happy now. Good Luck with them.

    Summerville, SC

    I think I may need more time dialing them in. I too get the occasional flier shot when struck well, but for the most part they do perform well. I have to keep telling myself these are not my 714 MB's or 716 AP2's LOL! Thanks for the response Michael L!
  4. Derek H

    Derek H
    Volo, IL

    I've only got the AP3 in the 4 and 5 iron. I certainly hit them longer than my previous irons, but they gap really well with the AP2 6-PW. I will say I have gotten a few 4 irons that flew 250+ when I'm used to 225 and 5 irons that have gone 230+ when I'm used to 210. But I think some of those were due to conditions like wind and firm ground. They're just really forgiving and when you hit it solid, compared to not solid, you're going to get some great performance.
  5. I have noticed the same thing. Don't play the new AVX ball! I've had some 200 yard 7 irons. It's fun to say I did it, but I probably made bogey because of it! Looking to trade my new AP3's for some AP2's now.

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