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  1. Would sure appreciate input re upgrading. After a 9 year absence from the game, I reEmeged, got fitted for AP1s and 915 D2 driver, fairway and 816 Hybrid. My Ttleust fitter said since I have been around the game for 40+ years my equipment and dedication to trying to ‘getting good’ again would definitely improve my game and he was absolutely right. I’ve got a ways to go before I see a solid single digit handicap but it will happen. g about a switch to AP3s and TS2 driver/F. Your experience is much appreciated! Dan

  2. Scott S

    Scott S
    Brunswick, MD

    The AP3's would mimic the current loft structure of your AP1's, if maybe just one degree higher loft. I feel that's really up to you for look and feel on the irons.

    I am not sure how the new drivers and woods would perform, as I haven't tested them either.

    Honestly, staying the course for a little bit might be best so you get back into the groove. Or just go for the new shiny (like I do sometimes) and enjoy the new products.
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    When I think I want new clubs, I go to a fitter then go on their recommendation. There are 2 reasons to get new clubs. Either you need new or something is now not your best fit. If your eye and the fitting results warrant moving to an AP3, then do it. Same with replacing the 915 - if you can get a better match with the TS, it may be worth it. Too many will go to a large retailer, buy a set of AP2s off the rack then complain that they are junk. But between getting a club requiring better skill and not getting a shaft to match their swing, it wasn't the club's fault.
  4. Thank you gentlemen for your input. I will always get professionally fitted from a Titleist pro. Their recommendation seems to be solid counsel. Appreciate your advice!!

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