Hybrid tipping / adapter reuse?

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By David T

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  1. I recently found an excellent condition 816 H1 25* head for a great deal, but I don't like the shaft it came with. I want to use a S+ 80 R shaft, but it is 39.25" length versus the 38.5" shaft that came with the club. The S+ shaft is currently in transit so I have not hit it yet.

    The 39.25" length qualifies as a 4i shaft. The MRC web site specifies 4i/9W to tip 1.0" and 5i/11W to tip 1.5".

    I expect I will need to tip the shaft for it to play to proper flex. It will likely play soft "as is".

    Are the Sure Fit Hosel adapters able to be removed and then reinstalled? Or do I need a new adapter? The adapters appear to be hard to come by, are they only available from Titleist service shops?

    Thank you Dave

  2. It turns out when the arrived it felt fine in the 25* hybrid as is without tipping. It was just too long so I had it butt trimmed to length, regripped, and now am good to go!


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