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By Michael P

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    Have AP3 5-9 iron with Regular Steelfiber 110 shafts.

    Have a hard time getting proper height with my irons. Especially 5-7 irons

    I like the dispersion, a little stiff maybe.

    Do I change the lofts or go with a lighter shaft with a different kick point?

  2. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    You can check with a fitter and run comparisons of other shafts. Changing loft won’t help much. A good fitter can also provide advice if a 25 hybrid might be an alternative to the 5 iron.
  3. Derek H
    Volo, IL

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    Were you fit for that shaft? Why did you pick that one in the first place? I think the 'normal answer' you'd get is to go get fit. AP3's are pretty easy to get airborne....but I'm guessing the correct shaft will be key.
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    Yes, the generic answer from most everyone here will be "get fitted". I can tell you, it is well worth it. I was all set to get my AP3s with the AMT shafts - cuz - that was what all the ads said. However, when I had my fitting, the Trackman made it pretty clear that the True Temper XP that I was using in my 714 AP1s was the best performing shaft for me. The fitting price was well worth the money. Saved me a lot of frustration and probably cash too.

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