Loft recommendations for 718 AP1/AP2 combo set

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By Travis N

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  1. I was fitted about 3 months ago by a Titleist representative at my club and I bought a new set of AP2s and vokey wedges. The specs are:

    718 AP2s Dynamic Gold S300 +0.5" 2 degrees upright 1 degree strong

    I love the vokey wedges and AP2 pitching wedge but would like to replace the AP2 9 iron through 6 iron with the AP1s (I didn't like the AP3s as much during a trial) for more forgiveness. I'm planning to order the 9 iron through 6 iron with the same shafts, grip, upright angle but am curious about the lofts for proper gaping purposes. 1 degree weak on all of the AP1s? 2 degrees weak on all of them? Don't want to mess up the gaping...

    Thanks for suggestions...

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