AP2 irons and MB irons mixed?

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By Chip H

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  1. I have AP2 irons and MB irons mixed. They seem to work great and my yardages are gapped good. Is this a common way to set up irons?

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  2. I was about to post the same question but on a more forgiving club Looking at new AP3's GW-7 Maybe (T-MB 5-6 looking for distance) and Vokey wedges. I had AP2 with S300 shafts too heavy and stiff aged out of that set 57 yrs old and looking to get fit at Titleist Thursday possibly graphite to pick up swing speed
  3. I'd say so, I've seen it quite frequently, and even on tour too. If it works for you, doesn't matter what anyone else is doing though.
  4. Not uncommon at all. You can go back to when they were sold in similar set make up. 735'ss for example! There is no beter look or feel than a solid shot from a MB 8,9,or PW!
  5. Samuel  C

    Samuel C
    Phoenix, AZ

    That's a great question, but I don't think there is a "common" way to gap a combo set. It's totally player preference and what you are comfortable hitting. Of course, I would make sure that you get fit for the correct shaft and have the lofts adjusted accordingly.

    As far as what clubs to have in the bag are whatever you are comfortable looking down at and hitting. I've seen combo sets with MBs, that go all the way up to a 5-iron and even as low as an 8-iron and then they switch to something with a little more forgiveness. But each bag is different and player specific. That's the great thing about Titleist and you can build your bag however you want and you pay essentially the same price.

    I play a combo set and I have the MB's go as far as the 6-iron at times, but mainly PW-7 iron are MBs always and 6-4 iron are AP2s and a T-MB 3-iron for me. But I have an extra 6-iron as an MB, and might switch that out depending on what course I play.

    Hope you're enjoying your clubs!
  6. Thanks for the comments. Played with them again today and everything feels great!

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