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By Mike Jenkins

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  1. Mike Jenkins

    Mike Jenkins
    Lake Wylie, SC

    So I have been playing Titleist irons for over 20 years now. I started with the original DCI Black irons and have had many sets through the years, DCI oversized, to 962, to 990, to 762, to my first set of AP2 710. I have upgraded with each iteration of the AP2 line and to be honest I really couldn’t tell much of a difference from my initial set. Now granted I am a pretty consistent ball striker.

    Recently I upgraded to the 718 AP2 and I finally got out to the course to play a round. As I plugged along through my round I had mostly short irons shots through the first nine. After making the turn I intentionally played a few irons off the tee to leave some longer approach shots. I can say already see the improvement to the long irons. I striped several 4 irons 210-215 yards high with a draw. The rest of the set seems very similar to my 714’s. But the long irons are so much easier to hit in the 718’s!t

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