Loose epoxy 917D2

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By Robert J

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  1. Does Titleist warranty against loose epoxy in driver heads. In my last game I had a rattle in my 917D2 that would come and go. Apparently the chunk lodges somewhere and is silent then breaks loose and rattles. My serial no is 1212021. I purchased it last winter on EBay and it was new when purchased. The first evidence of loose epoxy was last week. It does not have a hot glue port. Bob J

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    If you bought it through an EBay retailer like Dallas Golf or Global Golf, then they should be able to set up an inspection return by calling them. If not an authorized dealer with an internet presence, you can check with a local pro shop.
  3. I contacted Titleist customer service and have a warranty repair/replacement in motion.
    Bob J

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