New CNCPT (Concept) Irons????

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By Ryan M

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  1. Ryan M

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    Saw pics today of the new Titleist CNCPT irons (concept). Very interesting shape and look. Interested to see and hear how they are made, and what the advantages are and how they look and perform as well.

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    I would think they would be made in a similar fashion to the C16 concept irons, which I have. Great clubs. Hope the back of these aren't as soft as the C16's, they dint pretty easily.

    I saw the picture of the back but it's hard to tell much from it.
  3. Tyler B

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    They are being built in a completely different factory, the process for them is completely different from anything they've made even the C-16's. They will be limited and back ordered most likely because of the quality control they have is so tight any miscalculation will be a total loss for them, so time wise will be longer than any other club they build. They are extremely expensive, I think $500 a club (Steel Shaft) with the most tungsten in a club ever with 110g grams, they will be built much more solidly and feel great and will last even longer.

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