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By Jake C

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  1. I have been looking into a new set of irons and currently game the 714 AP2 irons and am looking at the new 718 AP2 and the CB what is everyones opinion between them? I am a 4 hanicap and am a pretty decent iron striker.

  2. Jake,

    My take on your question would be that at a 4 hdcp, you can most likely hit any iron you pick up. Probably a good problem to have. I think the numbers would be pretty close on the machines. What it would come down to for me with all things being equal would be feel in my hands, looks when I put it down behind the ball, being somewhat old school, the sound of the impact on a solid strike!
  3. I switched from 712 ap2's to a combo CB/MB set this spring. My only regret is not getting more MB's in the set. The CB's are great but the feel of the MB's is just so nice. If you are a good ball striker I wouldn't count out the MB's.
  4. Corey T

    Corey T

    I agree with Jake, I was looking at both the AP2, CB, and MB. I based my decision on looks... the numbers (when I was fit) were so close that they were not a factor. I liked the top-line look of the CB/MB combined with the lack of offset (versus the AP2). I decided on 718 CB (4-6) and 718 MB (7-9).
  5. Joey L

    Joey L
    Foster City

    I have the 718AP2 and I really like them. Had I not got them I would have chose MB’s.
  6. Matt V

    Matt V
    Galena, OH

    I have both the AP2 (4,5) and CB (6-P) in my set. I will tell you that I believe both feel great. The 718 AP2 is much better than the 716 version and I liked the additional height I was getting in my long irons with the AP2. In the short irons, I demoed the MB but ultimately chose the CB in the short irons based on consistency. I consider my iron play to be the strongest part of my game and even though I play to a 10 handicap, I definitely could've played the MB. The CB just inspired confidence where I felt like I couldn't miss. No matter what you choose, you can't go wrong. The 718 line of Titleist player irons are amazing.

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