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By Blake T

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  1. Blake T

    Blake T
    Richton, MS

    Today at the Country Club we had a Titleist Demo Day and I wanted to get fit for the new TS series. When I arrived unfortunately the fitter was not there due to some expectancy of rain this evening, but luckily for me the Titleist rep was there with some TS drivers and a trackman. I hit a couple of shots with my 917 d3 8.5 loft and got some baseline numbers to compare against the TS and when I say I was surprised by the new TS drivers I absolutely mean it. With the new TS3 driver (even flow shaft stiff flex) my ball speed jumped from 140 to 150 and my carry distance jumped from 220 to around 245 and rolling out to around 270(I know not to long haha). My normal shot is a fade and every one I hit with the TS3 just fell so soft from left to right it was a thing of beauty. I really was surprised with the knowledge that the rep provided me and the genuine attitude I felt he had toward making sure what he put in my hands could improve my game. My new toy should be here in about a week and I can't wait to take it out on the course. Thank you Titleist for once again making a spectacular product and being #1 in customer service!



    TT Forever

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